Cosford Cinema upgrades to 3D technology

Photo by Ashley Martinez // Edge Editor
A projector in Cosford Cinema. Ashley Martinez // Edge Editor

The Cosford Cinema unveiled new 3D technology that is now available on the campus theater. A special kickoff took place prior to the showcase of “The Lego Movie” where faculty members Patricia Whitely and Paul Driscoll cut a ribbon celebrating the inauguration of the new upgrade.

After the release of “The Lego Movie,” Robert Pinney, chair of the Cinematic Arts Commission, said students were “surprised to learn we had the capability” and that they had loved it and that he himself was extremely excited for the rest of the semester’s showcases.

According to Pinney, the need to improve the Cosford cinema’s platform arises from the industry change. He also explained that movie reels are now smaller, which also requires a smaller hard drive. He added that the only way to offer current movies on campus is by keeping up with technology and switching to a digital format. Part of the new digital format includes a higher technology projector and the ability to reproduce 3D movies.

“It’s great they made it 3D because all the most important contemporary film is getting made in that format, so it will allow us to look at new important film in the way it was meant to be appreciated,” said junior Juan Bisono, a motion pictures major.

The new projector was installed to give the best viewing experience to the patrons of the Cosford. The new equipment projects in 4K 3D, one of the most advanced projectors on the market. It also creates a bright and crystal clear image, as Cosford Cinema Director Robert DeLellis explained.

The Cosford Cinema has become one of the few venues that can still present archival material in the reel-to-reel format, since they maintained two 35mm projectors. Through the Cosford Classics Series, the cinema will continue to showcase classic films on celluloid. Last month, it screened “Sherlock Jr”. starring Buster Keaton with a live musical accompaniment from the Frost School of Music.

Senior Christina Degur, a motion pictures major, said the Cosford Cinema can now offer a different movie experience.

“Sometimes college students decide not to see a 3D movie in theatres because of the expensive price, and now students can watch them for free,” Degur said. “Also, it makes the Cosford Cinema more innovative. As technology advances, the University of Miami has to keep up.”

Some of the advantages of this new technology are not only better performance and higher definition movies, but also release privileges. Pinney said that with the new platform the Cosford Cinema will be able to obtain more frequently unreleased movies to be played on campus.

Pinney also revealed what the 3D calendar will look like for the rest of the semester:  “How to Train Your Dragon 2” will screen Nov. 19 and 22, and “Guardians of the Galaxy” will screen Dec. 3 and 6. For more information, visit