Must-have travel apps for fall getaway

Between packing, catching connecting flights and exploring a destination upon arrival, successful traveling requires appropriate planning and expertise. For both frequent and infrequent travelers, there are apps available to help with any journey.

When planning for your fall break getaway, make sure you’re prepped with the apps that can ensure your traveling is as smooth as possible.

Packing Pro:

Price: 2.99, Available for iPhone

This app lets you compile a list of all the things you need to pack for your trip by category. As you go, you can check off the necessities you have ready in your bag, from essentials like your passport and cash to clothing, toiletries and accessories. The categories are customizable and allow you to create lists within lists to make sure nothing is forgotten.


Price: Free, Available for iPhone or Android

With this app, you can enter your start and end points, and they will then be developed into a route complete with suggested attractions to visit along the way. It categorizes the suggested stops and also provides contact information, website addresses, reviews and photos for each of the points. The app is customizable with a personal itinerary listing your travel plans and allowing you to add spots you want to visit and refer to them throughout your trip.

Roadside America

Price: $2.99, Available for iPhone

If you’re an eccentric architecture enthusiast or enjoy finding hidden spots to explore on the road, then this app can help you during your travel. Roadside America shares information on unusual eateries, interesting buildings and attractions. It even has a sunset alert that will notify you when it’s time to take a snapshot at the end of the day for an Instagram-perfect picture.


Price: Free, Available for iPhone and Android

For those moments when you’ve made it to your gate and are looking for some last-minute grub before boarding your plane, this app can help you find your favorite nearby food stop. It will also show other shops and services in the airport, all with ratings and reviews from fellow travelers. All your travel information, including your itinerary and flight numbers, can be stored in the app for easy tracking to make managing your trip easy. For those looking to rent a car, the app allows you to do so right from the convenience of your phone.

“GateGuru can be used when traveling on a budget and looking for the best post-security meal,” said Zachary Einzig, product manager for native apps. “Or perhaps a student would like to find a quiet lounge to get some work done.”


Price: Free, Available for iPhone or Android

This app helps with all aspects of making your flight enjoyable, from finding an affordable ticket to selecting the best seat. It compares flight prices among different airlines and travel agencies to find the best deal. Once you’ve purchased a ticket, to assist you in finding the best seat on your flight, SeatGuru provides seat reviews from other travelers based on legroom, proximity to the bathroom and other factors. By entering your flight number, you can access a seating map for your plane and choose the best seat according to comments and pictures from other travelers’ experiences.