‘Once Upon a Time’ features familiar ‘Frozen’ cast

It may only have been a year since “Frozen” warmed the hearts of children and adults alike, but we will get to see the princesses of Arendelle sooner than expected as they come to the set of Storybrooke in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.”

“Once Upon a Time,” which is entering its fourth season, has been rejuvenated with the presence of the newest Disney princesses. Renowned for its taking old fairytales, such as Snow White, Peter Pan, and Rumpelstiltskin, and adding a twist, many fans worry about how the cast of Frozen. Will Elsa find a love? What about some musical numbers? And who exactly will be making an appearance in the upcoming season?

Fortunately, the creators of “Once Upon a Time,” Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, have not been too stingy with some Frozen-related spoilers. In regards to finding a beau for Elsa, the Horowitz said, “We’re not planning to put Elsa on match.com. We’re more interested in what the movie explored, the relationship between sisters, and that relationship will be central to the story.” Addressing the hopes (or fears) of many fans, the Horowitz also divulged that there will not be a musical episode this season, saying, “We’ve never done a musical episode, and I don’t think the way we want to tell this story is to suddenly turn ‘Once Upon a Time’ into a musical.”

Finally, and rather importantly, which characters will get live-action interpretations on the show? Well, Olaf has been ruled out, which is really sad considering the comic relief and value he added to the movie. We will, however, be seeing real-life versions of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and even Sven, the reindeer. Pabbie the Troll King will also join the cast, played by John Rhys-Davies (Gimli the dwarf from “The Lord of the Rings”). We do not know for sure if these characters will actually come to Storybrooke or if they will appear in flashbacks, though. Additionally, “Lost” actress Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in a mysterious role on the show, making people wonder who exactly the antagonist of this season will be.

Of course, the season finale left many possible avenues for the show to travel in regards to that question. Regina, the former evil queen, had finally found her true love in Robin Hood, but that love will be put to the test as a result of an unexpected, last-minute twist. On the subject of love, Emma Swan and Captain Hook have finally provided Captain Swan shippers the best season finale moment they could have dreamed of. Adding to this love cycle is the youngest member of the cast, Snow White and Prince Charming’s newborn baby, Neal.