Say ‘no’ to senioritis

Samantha Measner // Staff Illustrator
Samantha Measner // Staff Illustrator

Senioritis can be even the best senior’s downfall – the Kryptonite to the greatest Super Senior. While the last semester or year may seem to fly by, a case of senioritis means you’re wasting an entire one-eighth or even one-fourth of your undergraduate experience!

Yes, you will still receive your degree, but this recognition is supposed to have internal as well as external meaning – an indication of hard work and real accomplishments, not the number of hours spent watching Netflix. Even if you are one of the few golden individuals with a post-graduation job offer or your GPA is practically set in stone, there are several reasons that goofing off for the next year is a waste of your remaining time at the University of Miami.

Taken from the most basic perspective, it’s as simple as wasting money. You, or your parents, are still paying tuition for you to sit in class and listen to world renowned professors teach what they know best. You can spend your time daydreaming about today’s Chipotle burrito or what you’ll buy with your first million dollars, but you will be wasting about $5,000 per class. If you are going to work for the next number of years to break even on what you’ve spent on tuition, you might as well get your money’s worth.

Furthermore, this far into your major, if you aren’t taking a single enjoyable class then I hate to break the news to you, but you’ve probably chosen the wrong major. If you can’t think of one in-class question that piques your interest, then you need to give some deep thought to what you’ve been doing the last three or so years.

And don’t forget, you never know when information may come in handy for future jeopardy trivia or career paths. Knowledge is power. Seniors should enjoy their final year or semester – not just socially, but also academically. While your sights may already be set on the future, you should take advantage of what could be the last time you have to make mistakes in the safety of academia, where an error will not cost you your job and income.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As a reward for all the hard work you’ve put in so far, you can give yourself some leeway and enjoy your last moments in Miami – just be sure you continue to make the best use of your time before it’s all gone.

Alyssa Jacobson is a senior majoring in advertising and political science.