5 Types of Drunk People You Saw at Saturday’s Tailgate

Sometimes, enjoying a tailgate means more than a few drinks to the good folks down here at the University of Miami, so here are a few of the many characters we see at the typical UM tailgate.

Bottom’s up!

1. The “I promise I’m not drunk” girl

“You’re right, Cathy, you’re not drunk. Yes, you can have a Crunchwrap Supreme later.”

2. The “I know I’m drunk, but I don’t care” girl

She legitimately doesn’t give a crap about stumbling through AEPi’s tailgate, and she doesn’t care that she just stepped on your Sperry’s.

3. Dancing on the bed of a truck girl (or boy)

That was you yesterday wasn’t it?

4. The “you’re just blurry” fraternity guy

He’s been trying to get in your pants all afternoon long. He’s been trying so damn hard.

5. This girl

You know.