Reel Big Fish top off Canes Carnival

The Californian ska-punk band Reel Big Fish preform on the Green Friday night during 'Canes Carnival. Nick Gangemi // Assistant Photo Editor
The Californian ska-punk band Reel Big Fish preform on the Green Friday night during ‘Canes Carnival. Nick Gangemi // Assistant Photo Editor

Reel Big Fish topped the night at the Canes Carnival on Friday. Students celebrated the end of classes with food, games and rides along with the special musical guest.

Reel Big Fish is a six member ska-punk band from California that has been on the music scene since the early ’90s. Fans had the chance to walk down memory lane and enjoy the hits they grew up with.

The night was humid with a threat of rain, but that did not deter fans from coming out and enjoying the show. The band came out with incendiary energy, bringing the crowd to life with their hit “Sell Out.” Audience members started “skanking,” the trademark dance for ska and punk music.

The band had their set so down that they sounded exactly like their studio recording. They maintained a high level of energy throughout, never slowing down to catch their breath. Band members jumped around the stage, sharing microphones, twirling and rocking out during solos.

The most memorable moment was when they started the song, “I Know You Too Well to Like You Anymore,” and the crowd started “skanking” and singing at the top of their lungs.

Lead singer Aaron Barrett sported a pair of zebra-print shades for the event. At one point, he announced to the crowd, “This song is about my ex-girlfriend who left me … for another girl!”  Then he began the hit, “She Has a Girlfriend Now.” The crowd sang along to the catchy tune.

Another engaging element of the performance was the combination of the horn section, consisting of a saxophone, trumpet and trombone, with the band’s crass and quirky lyrics in songs like, “Everyone Else is an A****e,” and “I Love/You Suck.”

Toward the end of the set, the band announced, “We’re going to sing you a song about our favorite drink in the world.” They played several riffs from the song “Tequila” by The Champs, and then stopped. “Oh, that’s not it, it’s this one,” they said, before playing a couple of bars from “Red Red Wine,” and “Margaritaville.”

Finally, the crowd began to chant, “Beer! Beer! Beer!” and the band kicked off their beloved track “Beer,” which incited a moshing frenzy in the crowd.

After, everyone swayed along to the numbers, “Hiding in my Headphones” and Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.”

The most anticipated track, their famous cover of “Take on Me” by A-Ha, closed out the show. Even members of the crowd who weren’t familiar with the band sang along to the classic number, ending the night on a high note for everyone.

If you missed the show, don’t worry too much. Reel Big Fish is kicking off its US tour in June.


For more information, visit their website at You can find their music on iTunes and Spotify.