For what it’s worth, Bob will be missed

The purpose of The Miami Hurricane is to cover the news, not be the news. But, extraordinary circumstances often merit exceptions. And in this case, The Miami Hurricane has taken to reviewing the seven-year tenure of Bob Radziewicz and his time advising students at this award-winning newspaper.

Unfortunately, Mr. Radziewicz’s contract with the University of Miami was not renewed for the upcoming academic school year. As such, we have made it our task for this final issue to inform our campus and community about a few of the many, many things that made Mr. Radziewicz so invaluable to the paper. And, Mr. Radziewicz, here are a few things you should take along with you at whatever post is lucky to have you next:

You were part of two Pulitzer-prize winning teams of reporters during your glory days at The Miami Herald, but with a look of sincerity, you often tell us that spending time mentoring us is what you prefer.

When anyone meets Mr. Radziewicz, he insists on being called “Bob.” Regardless of our positions on the paper or experience, Bob encourages us to interact with him on a first-name basis. Bob emphasizes that in a professional newsroom environment, that’s standard protocol.

For the many of us you’ve recommended to intern at The Miami Herald or other professional newsrooms, we know that you’re right about the first-name basis and the environment you’ve brought from The Miami Herald to The Miami Hurricane.

In college, it’s invaluable to have a professor like you. You’re more than a professor – you’re a mentor and a friend. You never say “no” to a recommendation letter request, and often have written nearly 15 for each of us. When it comes to offering career advice, yours topples the Toppel Career Center’s. Not only is the door to your office always open, but you’re also accessible by email or phone. If for some reason you can’t answer when we first reach out, it usually doesn’t take you longer than 15 minutes to get back to us.

You are patient with us when we make mistakes. Even when we commit embarrassing blunders, like misspelling Hillary Clinton’s name in the news briefs, you tell us to take it as a learning experience.

When we traveled to new cities to attend conferences and accept our awards, we always went to dinner together and discussed the things we were learning. You and your wife, Cathy – and your kindness as a couple – were always appreciated.

You encourage us to raise the standards of our successful student newspaper – you never say “no” to us when we have a wild idea. Instead, you help us accomplish our projects. Under your leadership, you helped us grow into more experienced and passionate journalists and leaders. You always led us without telling us what to do, and we all appreciate that. When you disagree with any of our plans, you do so politely, but also support the decisions we make. You’re arguably our No. 1 fan on this campus, and your eyes light up when any graduating senior informs you of their career plans. You brag about us like we’re your own children, and for that, we are grateful.

On behalf of all the students you’ve worked with during your time at UM, we’d like to take the time now to express our sincere appreciation for your work and dedication.

For what it’s worth – or as you would say, FWIW – Bob Radziewicz, you were one hell of an adviser.


Editorials represent the majority view of The Miami Hurricane editorial board.