Dear V: Something’s telling me to let it go …


I went on a date with this guy and then he stopped responding to my texts for a few days. Then, about a week later, he texted me with a picture of a new purchase he made. Please, I don’t care about your new water purifier. If you have time to buy new crap, you have time to text me back.

I don’t know what to do – should I give in and text him back or will that make me a doormat? 

Help, please! 


Livin’ on a text message



Dear Meg Ryan,

You are neither the first, nor the last woman, to go through this.

It’s always a hassle and it always sucks. And I’m sorry.

The easy answer is that he’s just not that into you and you should move on with your life. And I know I say that a lot but it’s true. We don’t have time to be wasting on people who aren’t interested in us.

The tough answer is that you should call him out on his bullish*t. It might be a little early for the “where are we going” talk but still, if something that he’s doing bothers you, you should be up front about it with him.

I don’t think you’ll become his doormat – especially since you’re just seeing each other.

Plus, what kind of a hippie do you have to be to be excited about a water purifier? Maybe he’s just trying to start conversation because he realized he should be speaking to you.

On the other side of the same coin, since it’s early in your relationship, he really isn’t required to be texting you all the time. You’re at that point where you can give each other some room to breathe without feeling like you’re doing each other a disservice. What you have to do is ask yourself whether or not you want to keep seeing him.

Just take it slow and text him back. You can wait a few hours and make him sweat a little bit just to keep the mystery alive.

Meg and Tom went through their fair share of obstacles before becoming the happy, lovey dovey, rom-com couple that we all know and love. I have faith that you’ll find happiness with your own NY152 and if not, Shopgirl can always snuggle up next to a fire with a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” and dream about Mr. Darcy.