Toppel Career Center relocates to former Writing Center

“Don’t call it a comeback” is the motto that the Toppel Career Center has adopted to define its new location.

The 12,000-foot space is located next to Henry S. West Laboratory School, behind the Pavia Garage.

The two-story building was opened on Jan. 13. It holds six interview labs equipped with cameras and microphones so students and employers can hold interviews or make video conference calls.

Formerly a chapel, the two-story building allows for more interview and meeting rooms, advising offices and even a computer lab with a fireplace.

“The area will allow us to do more programming,” said Christian Garcia, director of Toppel. “There is more flexible space and we can accommodate other things at the same time.”

Toppel Ambassador Michaela Gabaldon claims that even though the location is not centralized on campus as it was before, “the few extra steps outweigh the benefits of what the new building has to offer.”

Ambassadors help raise awareness about upcoming career fairs and events. There are a total of 40 ambassadors but with the expansion of offices and space, the center hopes to hire about 20 more students.

The center hosted a block party on Wednesday for students to become familiarized with the new location.

Rock climbing, food, music and giveaways greeted students as they took tours of the new building and learned about the services that Toppel provides.

“It’s a vast improvement to how it was before,” junior Kathryn Collins said.

Freshman Maka Raffipiy believed it was “a lot nicer than I thought it would be.”

Matt Barnes, assistant director of Orientation and Commuter Involvement, claimed the new space would be “better for the campus culture.”

Junior Danny Acosta expressed similar sentiments.

“It is a great idea that there are new buildings such as the Student Activities Center, and now Toppel,” he said.

Due to the renovations still taking place, the building will officially open at noon on Feb. 7.