Dear V: From silly snaps to sexy texts …


I started using Snapchat recently and I love it. Only problem is, I added one of my guy friends and we Snapchat constantly. I love receiving his snaps, but sometimes I wish he’d just text me. He’s awkward, and I’m awkward, and it’s just really funny how we manage to communicate so effectively through snaps (which only allows for a limited amount of characters). But he should text me if he’s so interested in chatting.

And, just last week, he snapped me asking for a revealing snap. I’m definitely not comfortable doing that, and I let him down. But now I’m scared he won’t think of me as more than a friend.

Really, all I want him to do is text me and ask me out for drinks or a date. Is that too much to ask for? If he doesn’t want to text me, why isn’t he snapping me out on a date?

Frustrated with these 10 seconds or less  


Dear Marnie Michaels,

Modern-day dating is confusing and annoying. People don’t call anyone anymore and God forbid you ever actually go on a date.

That being said, I think you’re making good headway with the snapchatting thing. He definitely seems to be interested in you if he’s spending time thinking of quirky ways of keeping in touch with you. And he’s definitely interested if he keeps asking you for nudes.

I agree though that it’s time to make the transition to texting. Grow some balls and text him. There’s nothing to lose and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a nice quickie out of it. At the very least there’s no shame in trying.

Stop doubting yourself and just have sex with him already. It’s Wednesday night baby, and you should be feeling alive.