Prepare for finals early on

The sun is shining and hammocks adorn the palm trees nearby Club Richter. The club, like many others, is overflowing with sweaty, pink-faced students crammed inside, shoulder-to-shoulder. However, this is no night out at the Grove. These students are studying laboriously in the library for final exams. And this is crunch time.

Students have returned to campus after an extended Thanksgiving break full of turkey and floating on a cloud. But they must remain aware of reality. There is only a week and a half before final exams, and most importantly, only one reading day. With all of these academic schedule changes, students need to be conscious of when to begin studying in order to feel thoroughly prepared for their exams.

Starting your review early is more imperative than ever. It’s a little late for the forewarning, but those who studied during Thanksgiving break are on the right track. Create a studying calendar so a final does not sneak up on you. Spread out content throughout the week instead of trying to cram everything into one reading day. Don’t let those vermin finals sneak up on you, leaving you to exclaim, “Oh rats!” upon receiving your final grades. Preparation is your rat trap of the occasion.

Seeking help from professors when you have questions is another step to consider. Begin compiling questions the second you finish reading this article. Your professor will appreciate the initiative, and you will avoid the hordes of students who will be running from professor to professor on the reading day. A jam-packed day of visiting during office hours isn’t exactly a social life to brag about.

It is also key to develop different coping skills, as it is easy to study yourself into eventual delirium. And this will not help you grasp information. Study breaks and delicious snacks can become your best friends during these few weeks. It’s your choice: You can lean toward the finals fifty or attend a workout class to run off your stress.

Let’s say worse comes to worst. It’s the day before your exam – time flies. Remember, you still have hours to learn the information. Focus on any study guides or exam materials your professor suggested first. Briefly review the information you think you know. Then delve into unknown material. Since you never know what will be on the test, it is possible that the information you haven’t learned yet will not even appear. Hopefully, luck will be on your side.

Panic is not your friend. Remain calm and study on.

Alyssa Jacobson is a junior majoring in advertising and political science.