Norwegian odyssey makes waves

“Kon Tiki” – Norway – Netflix Instant Watch

“Kon-Tiki” chronicles the odyssey of a Norwegian hero, Thor, but unlike the one from Norse myths or from the Marvel franchise, Thor Heyerdahl revolutionized the scientific world and inspired a wave of pioneers.

Based on the true story of Heyerdahl’s 5,000 mile expedition from Peru to Polynesia, this movie provides a cinematic adventure that is also educational. Although it contains snippets of marine science and engineering facts, what the film teaches most is leadership and faith in nature.

The transitions from action to action that occur on board the raft is creative and fluid. Without ever relying on melodramatic fluctuations of emotions to provoke reactions, the (mostly) non-stressful movie is never repetitive. Every scene is relevant and purposeful; every scene adds another piece to the story, bringing life to the launch of a raft’s voyage.

Carrying six men through Pacific waters, the hand built raft was entirely composed of primitive materials and was built using no technology.

The clean cut cinematography is as fresh and crisp as the Norwegian snowy landscapes and the deep sea waves. This understated directness served as a fitting vehicle for a historical narrative that speaks for itself.

After you watch this 2012 film, check out the original, Academy-Award winning documentary of the same name on Amazon Prime: