Dear V: I don’t want to take his test …


I am writing to you in a time of need. I am sort of “talking” to this guy who seemed really sweet … until he decided to invite me somewhere I know he takes all the girls he likes. I wasn’t able to go, but I feel like her wanted to take me to his favorite place to test me out. I know he takes all the girls he likes to this place, but I think he should try to impress me in a creative and original way. 

I’m nervous he’ll ask me to the same place again … because, quite frankly, I won’t go until I know for sure I like him and I want to “pass his test.” Am I wrong to see this as a test? Should I give him the home court advantage? 

I Want An Easy A 



Dear Mindy Kaling,

I need you to hear me loud and clear when I say this: It is not a test. If what you’re talking about is that this guy takes girls to the same makeout spot in the stacks, then you should definitely not go because that’s trashy and I’m sure  you’re not that kind of girl.

However, if this is something harmless like taking you to his favorite restaurant, then I don’t see the harm in it. Maybe he just thinks that you’re special enough to share this with. If I were you, I would bask in the glory of being “in like” with someone and just go with it.

I do agree that he should put a little more effort into his date ideas, but chances are he’s just trying to get to know you.

Give this guy a shot before you die a lonely NY death. Then again, if you’re overthinking this so much, you might as well just sit in front of a TV and eat Ben and Jerry’s for the rest of your life since that’s the attitude you seem to be taking on this whole thing.

Get it together.