Bed bug outbreak bugs members of Hecht Residential College

An outbreak of bed bugs in Hecht Residential College has directly affected eight rooms on an unknown number of floors.

A statement from University of Miami Media Relations said a pest management firm is treating the impacted rooms and the students living in those areas have been temporarily relocated.

“The University takes this issue very seriously,” the statement read.

The issue was first reported on floor 11 of McDonald Tower in Hecht.

Students in Hecht, including those affected, were reluctant to discuss the outbreak with media.

Freshman Kelly Nguyen, who lives in Pentland Tower, is worried that the bed bugs might travel from McDonald Tower to neighboring Pentland.

“We’re concerned that it can affect us too and it’s an inconvenience,” she said.

She and her roommate are taking precautions in an effort to avoid an infestation.

“My roommate and I were looking up different things to prevent bed bugs and basically it said to wash sheets very often and vacuum often and to just keep the room clean and tidy, and that’s what we’re planning on doing,” she said.

According to, bed bugs feed on blood. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not transmit diseases and because of blood-only diet, are not a sign of a dirty living environment.

They enter a room or home by catching a ride on clothing, luggage, and other items. They then hide in bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and box springs where they can lay in wait until nighttime, when they feed.

Bed bug symptoms include bites, which often start out painless and evolve into itchy red welts. In order to confirm an infestation, the bed bugs or evidence of them needs to first be spotted. The safest extermination option is to hire a pest professional.

As of Wednesday night, Stanford Residential College was unaffected.


Emily Dabau contributed to this report.


For more information:

Any students concerned about bed bugs should immediately contact the University Facilities Customer Service Help Desk at 305-284-8282.