Speak Up: How do you celebrate thanksgiving? What’s your favorite tradition?

David Dorcius, sophomore

“I usually take my family over to my best friend’s house. His mom is a chef, so we have a huge feast.”

Sydney Beasley, junior

“The full house. Family and friends always go to my grandma’s house for dinner, and I cook all day.”

Beja Turner, freshman

“I’m from a Louisiana family, so for Thanksgiving, we have a big crawfish boil.”

Erica Smale, senior

“I stay here for Thanksgiving and celebrate it with my friends.”

George Rodriguez, freshman

“Helping around the house with my grandparents. Hanging around with them is actually always nice.”

Jessica Trujillo, senior

“We break the wishbone and whoever gets the larger piece of the wishbone has good luck the rest of the year.”

Kaijing Hu, graduate student

“I spend the holiday with my friends and we’ll go to Washington D.C. and New York”