Deck the dorms

There’s no time like the present to get into the holiday spirit. With only 35 days left until Christmas break – and fewer days left in the fall semester – it’s time to break out the dorm decorations and bring in the yuletide glee. So deck your halls with boughs of holly before it’s time to head home for the holidays.


Holiday lights

Head over to CVS Pharmacy (the closest place to campus that sells lights) and make like Kanye West – purchase all of the lights. Nothing says “Christmas” more than sparkling lights. Whether multicolored or sparkly yellow, lights will give your room the perfect holiday touch. Try wrapping them around your bedpost or above your windows.


Wreaths and wrapping paper

Use wrapping paper to make your door look like a present, and tie it with a bow made of ribbon or duct tape. Not a fan of that? Hang a wreath in your room (like your mom does back home) to show off some spirit. Visit the Container Store or Target for wreaths or holiday wrapping paper.


Mini Christmas trees

If you’re not sure if anyone on your floor or in your building is allergic to pine (or if you don’t want to go through the mess of purchasing a real tree), purchase a fake Christmas tree you can reuse again and again throughout the years. Fake Christmas trees are also available at Target.


Paper snowflakes

Want a cheaper alternative to decorating for the season? Channel your inner arts and crafts talent and make snowflakes from paper. If you don’t remember how to make snowflakes from paper, don’t worry. There are plenty of tutorials online that will help you bring out your inner child and creativity. Remember that no two snowflakes are alike.



Don’t celebrate Christmas? Bring out the menorahs and dreidels, and deck the halls with blue and silver. Fill a pot with Hanukkah gelt and give it as treats to all your visitors. All of these aforementioned items can also be purchased at Target.