Homecoming celebration to bring campus together

Senior Karam Alawa (center) sings the Alma Mater after U-Statue Reveal on October 12th, during homecoming last year. Monica Herndon // Photo Editor
COME TOGETHER: Senior Karam Alawa (center) sings the alma mater after the U Statue Reveal on Oct. 12 during Homecoming Week 2012.
Monica Herndon // Photo Editor

Homecoming, a campus-wide celebration bringing together students and alumni, kicks off this week. The Miami Hurricane chatted with Karam Alawa, homecoming chair, by email, to discuss this year’s Homecoming and the different events that will be taking place.

The Miami Hurricane: What is Homecoming 2013?

Karam Alawa: Homecoming, the largest event of the year, is a week-long tradition where our alumni, faculty, staff and students all come together to celebrate our university’s rich history and traditions. This year, the theme is centered on Dr. Seuss, “One Cane, Two Cane, Old Cane, New Cane.”

TMH: How long does Homecoming last?

KA: Homecoming kicks off on Oct. 30 with Opening Ceremonies and Alma Mater Preliminaries and ends with our football game against Virginia Tech on Nov. 9.

TMH: For freshman experiencing Homecoming for the first time, what are the most popular events to attend?

KA: Whenever I’m asked this question, I end up listing every event. Each event has something unique, and I encourage every freshman and upperclassman to attend as many as they can.

TMH: What events will alumni be participating in?

KA: Alumni are welcome to attend all events; however, the events that usually attract the most alumni are the parade and Hurricane Howl.

TMH: What is the Hurricane Howl experience?

KA: Hurricane Howl begins at 6 p.m. with food trucks on Stanford Drive and inflatable rides and games on the Green. After the parade, everyone gathers around the lake for one of our university’s most beloved traditions: the boat burning. A wooden boat is decorated with the opposing team’s colors and burned in the middle of the lake. If the mast falls before the boat sinks, we will win our Homecoming football game the next day. Afterward, we sing the alma mater and watch an incredible fireworks show.

TMH: What Homecoming event(s) are you most looking forward to?

KA: Each event is special to me in its own way. I’m most looking forward to seeing all the hard work the Homecoming Executive Committee has done over the past eight months finally pay off.