Dear V: How can I put out at work …

I have a bit of a problem. You see, I like this guy at work, but I’m not sure how to approach the situation. We started working together a few months ago, but we didn’t really talk until a few weeks ago. He’s so cute and funny and nice. I don’t want this to end in an awkward situation, but I want to act on it … I’m just too scared. Help!


An Awkward Mess

Dear Maggie Jordan,

We’ve all seen this situation many a time and every time it’s painful to watch the two lovers teeter in and out of admitting their blatant sexual frustration. It’s a story line that’s so overdone, it almost seems fabricated in real life.
The best approach to this situation is to get to know this person outside of the work environment. Engage in some office pal outings and see if the two of you are compatible without computer screens and status reports as a buffer.
I’m sure he’s a decent enough person that even if he doesn’t reciprocate, he’ll still be friendly with you at work and won’t make things awkward. I get that putting yourself out there is a risk we’re not always willing to take but it’s important to follow your instincts.
Just stay away from boning the boss – that’s never a good thing and people are just going to think you’re a straight up hussy. And you don’t want to be a hussy.
People love attention, so as soon as you start batting your eyelashes and showing some interest, this guy is sure to fall straight into your lap.
Just make sure he doesn’t start dating your best friend and then breaks up with her and then takes a “Sex And The City” bus tour and then you kiss him and someone records it and puts it on YouTube. That’s no good.