Keep busy during fall break

My first autumn in Miami, I was upset. I wanted changing leaves; I wanted hoodies. I wanted to be able to wear flannel and ugly boots. Then, for fall break, I visited my sister and her boyfriend in Boston. It was so cold that I felt like I was dying a goosebump-induced death and wanted to go back to my heaven in Miami.

As an anemic, small person who prefers tank tops to practicality, I find the cold weather of the upper East Coast horrible. I understand that weather-induced pain is temporary and conquerable, but coldness is like a coma in which you’re still expected to interact with people. In Miami, the weather has never been cruel to me.

So, if you’re staying in town this fall break, lucky you. No complaining. Don’t dwell on the fact that your friends are at home enjoying a mom-cooked meal, while you’re stuck at the dining hall trying to guess how many hours your chicken spent swimming in salt water. Get up from the loner booth and pack yourself a picnic. Then go sit at a park in the sunshine, in your underwear – because you can. You’ll get a tan rather than hypothermia.

If you’re going on an exotic vacation over break, congratulations on having money. You are the 99 percent of this campus and I absolutely loathe you. I hate your car, too.

If you’re visiting family – in New Jersey, I assume – try not to fight with them. If anyone begins to nag you, just bring up the government shutdown so they can shout about something other than your partying or potential life partner, both of which are cute right now but will be a hot mess in about three years. It’s so pleasant when everyone’s yelling about something that involves the fate of the entire country, rather than just yours.

Also, this fall break, you have two whole days off instead of just one. So on day one, do what you want. Want to go to the beach? You should. Want to go out to clubs? You probably shouldn’t after what happened last time, but OK, try to behave.

On day two, presuming you don’t feel the steady beat of a soggy rum drum pounding in your head, start studying. Your major will determine how many days you need to set aside for not enjoying yourself. Business majors, you’re off the hook; there’s more fun in store for you. But pre-meds? Why are you even reading the paper? Do you think you have time for this?

When you’re done studying, relax. Catch up with friends. Call grandma. Draw some doodles. Trim your nails. Whatever you do, just don’t sleep your fall break away. A lot can happen in two days, and settling down is something for 6-year-olds and dead people. At present, you have some adventuring to do.


Hunter Wright is a sophomore majoring in creative writing.