Staff Speaks Up 10/7

Who has been the best speaker you’ve seen on  campus?

Assistant Multimedia Editor Danny Cepero: “I was able to interview Jon Landau, the producer of ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar,’ on campus and that has been one of my favorite memories here at UM. He spoke about his inspirations, experiences, how he got to where he is, and he gave us advice to succeed in the film industry.“

News Editor Alexander Gonzalez: “Gail Paster, former director of the Folger Shakespeare Library, has been my favorite speaker. Her lecture on ‘King Lear’ changed the way I think about this great play, and I can’t imagine what it takes to lead the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare materials.”

Opinion Editor Lyssa Goldberg: “Seeing Jane Goodall was one of my favorite experiences, mostly because when she posed for a picture with student media, she said, ‘One, two, three, chimpanzee.’”

Assistant Editor Ashley Martinez: “Temple Grandin is a pioneer in autism studies, and she is actually autistic, so hearing her first person account enriched my understanding of the disorder and its challenges.”

Managing Editor Nicky Diaz: “It was really interesting to hear Andy Cohen talk. He has so much experience in the entertainment industry and has achieved so much. It was great to hear what he thought of the industry’s future, considering he’s behind so many popular shows like ‘The Real Housewives’ and ‘Top Chef.’”