Appreciate time in Miami

Everyone has something to leave for the next generation. As future professionals and alumni, we need to stop thinking about ourselves and think about what kind of university we want future students to inherit.

Future Canes can avoid experiencing the same struggles we do. All this requires is for students and alumni to give back to the university. The University of Miami would not be where it is today without Canes’ contributions of knowledge, money, resources and innovation.

Leaving a legacy requires filling a void at the university. You don’t have to have a large personal fortune to leave a legacy. You just need a vision and the means to see it through. For example, our alma mater was comprised of students who used their musical talents to pay a lasting tribute to UM.

Your legacy can be a groundbreaking thesis or innovative research. It can also be founding a student organization or campus initiative. Every year, new student orgs are created in order to serve a need or increase awareness about a specific culture, religion or social issue.

Student Government presidents have left a legacy through the U statute installed last year. Alumni can also leave a legacy by providing scholarships to specific student populations or making a donation that results in the beautification of campus.

At the end of four years, students should be able to look back and see what change they helped bring about on campus.

We should take advantage of the resources available to us here at the university and allow it to enrich our lives. But, for everything we take, we should also give something back.

Taylor Duckett is a junior majoring in economics.