Get Real: Here’s the Reason Why


Call me blunt. But, hey, this is my blog. This is what I have to say: Get real.

To the folks still smoking out by Richter Library: Get real. The carcinogens in your cigarette are harmful to you and those around you. Plus, smoking is not even allowed on campus anymore.

To the AvMed billboard a mile from campus: Get real. “Embrace health” does not only mean rejoicing at the number on the scale, because health is so much more than someone’s mass times the force of gravity.

To the UM students who choose to drive their car one mile from campus to Publix: Get real. You probably could have (and should have) biked or walked there. Reduce your carbon emissions, elevate your heart rate, and soak up some Vitamin D all at the same time.

Welcome to my blog, Get Real. This is my plea to the University of Miami community and beyond to challenge their pre-conceived notions of health by looking at the facts so that everyone may live well. I love data. I apologize; I am studying engineering.

Indulge me while I smatter this blog with articles and resources I find applicable to my everyday health observations. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to wellness.

If all four of my grandparents knew what we know today about good nutrition, perhaps they would not all be afflicted by diabetes right now. I want the best for them. I want the best for everyone else, too.

Here it is. Take what I have to say or leave your unhealthy habits as they are. This is for everyone. This is for life.