Don’t fall short this season

Although the leaves may not turn orange and glide through the air as they drop from the trees, we still have autumn here in Miami… right? I guess you could say our version of fall is just a little different than what the rest of the world may anticipate from the “colorful” season.

Here, the leaves stay the same shade of bright green year round, the sun beats down just as strongly as it did during the summer days, and the idea of wearing anything but shorts and sandals on days like these is practically taboo.

Despite our seasonal shortcomings, fall is still a time of change — change from the slow pace of summer, change in experiences, change in goals, and a change in everything that our future holds. With all of these changes, it only makes sense that many of us attempt the futile when it comes to changing our wardrobe as well.

You may be wearing shorts and flip flops, but I see you throwing on that cardigan on top. And what about those combat and rain boots you’re pairing with your denim short and T-shirt ensemble? I see that, too. “How about I trade in the shorts for jeans, but I’ll still wear a tank top to keep cool?” you think as you drudgingly get dressed, attempting to switch it up from the summer day sartorial norm.

Well, as us here in Miami attempt to make a change out of what seems like one long summer season, the rest of the country is moving on, leaving us with some inspiration to work into our wardrobes.

A fresh batch of collections was recently sent down the runways of New York Fashion Week, with many trend commonalities that we can try to adapt and make our own. This season, try throwing in a pop of purple using light shades, such as lavender, a color sent down many runways that is easy and cool for the harsh, hot climate.

Other trends include fringes, full skirts, breezy sheer paneling and plaid. All of the aforementioned looks can be worked in easily and comfortably during the usual day-to-day. For a sheer yet put-together look on the weekends, lightweight slip dresses will work perfectly and will be right on trend.

If Mother Nature won’t provide us with autumn, we’ll take matters into our own hands.