Quincy Mumford talks mixing genres on new album

Quincy Mumford is a Renaissance man of sound. The 21-year-old lead singer of the band Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why, combines many different genres to create songs that are fluid and dynamic, moving seamlessly from one sound to the next.

This summer, Mumford and his band released their latest CD entitled “Its Only Change.”

This album perfectly illustrates the group’s mastery of various musical styles, combining everything from jazz to rock and reggae to create tracks that are unforgettable.

The Miami Hurricane got the chance to ask Mumford a few questions about his band’s diverse sound, the ups and downs of touring, and the inspiration behind the album.

The Miami Hurricane: It says in your biography that you began your musical career five years ago, when you were only 16. What was it like starting out so young? What motivated you to pursue music?

Quincy Mumford: I remember listening to all types of music growing up: everything from reggae to classic rock to punk. I started playing guitar at the age of 9 and writing songs at the age of 13, so by the time I reached 16, I knew that I wanted to take it seriously. I also put out my first record when I was 16. I got such a great response, that I was motivated to continue on the path of a musician.

TMH: You released your fifth album, “It’s Only Change,” this summer. What inspired the songs on this album? How do you think your music has changed since you began?

QM: This album, unlike any of mine in the past, has a content theme; the theme of change … Instead of a bunch of different songs arranged in a random order, this album has structure and was carefully put together to create a vibe unlike anything I have done before.

TMH: You have a lot of range in the music you produce. Why do you include such a wide variety, rather than sticking to one specific genre? How do you think that sets your music apart from other recording artists today?

QM: Why subject yourself to one specific sound? I want to keep the listeners interested and on the edge of their seat, in the mindset of, “What will happen next?” I think a lot of artists get caught up in trying to stay true to their sound. I do stay true to my “feel good music,” but I keep it interesting by expanding on what that can be.

TMH: Who are your biggest influences?

QM: Ryan Montbleau, Paul Simon, G. Love, John Legend, John Mayer, Tedeschi Trucks Band.

TMH: You have a lot of experience touring and are currently on tour promoting your new album. What is that like? What is your favorite aspect of touring? Your least favorite?

QM: I love being on the road. It is a tough lifestyle, with minimum meals and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, but there is nothing more rewarding then playing a killer show and watching people unleash their inner selves by dancing all night to your music.

TMH: What message do you hope fans take away from your music?

QM: Be yourself and let loose; be honest; be positive; live and love life for what it is.

TMH: If you weren’t a musician, what career do you see yourself having?

QM: Probably living in Colorado as a snowboard instructor and printing T-shirts for my clothing company, Lifted Apparel.


“It’s Only Change” can be purchased on iTunes now. For more information on Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why, check out the band’s website at quincymumford.com.