Dear V: I’m nothing without my right-hand skank…


I recently “broke up” with my best friend and I have no one to accompany me when I go out. I’m okay with being by myself, and I can make new friends, it’s just difficult mustering up the courage to go places on my own.  I don’t want to go to bars by myself or eat alone, it just feels weird. How do I go about getting myself out of this slump?


All by myself


Dear Cady Heron,

We have all gone through this. And although your Regina George has made life miserable for you recently, there will always be a Damian and Janis to have your back.

Turn to the people that have always silently been there for you. Flashy Facebook posts and long dedications on Instagram aren’t what makes a friendship.

I’m familiar with the fear that overcomes us when we are forced to go anywhere alone, but it is oddly relaxing going somewhere to just eat and think. Take a lunch break at the food court and just chill and people-watch. You’d be amazed at the things you’ll notice and the problems you can sort out on your own.

My best advice in this situation is to just put up a giant middle finger, get dressed up and put yourself in a new situation. Maybe go out with your coworkers or those kids from your class project.

You’re a strong independent person and you don’t need an army of skanks to make you feel better.