UM football implements NFL policies

In lieu of printed ticket slips, the UM student ticketing policy will be switching back to Cane Cards. Students are still required to log on to and register for each game.

“Basically, you go on, and that’s where all students can get their tickets,” said Connie Nickel, assistant director of recreational sports and camp. “They don’t actually print them, it’ll be registered on their Cane Cards and they just swipe their Cane Cards at the game.”

Senior Andrew Wyatt, chair of Category 5, believes this new system will be helpful.

“The new ticketing system is convenient for students because they can access their tickets online and transfer them directly to their Cane Card,” he said. “This will make game day run smoothly and allow students to focus on the amazing time they will have at the games this season.”

There has also been a change in seating options. Rather than limiting students to the West end zone, any seats higher than the 11th row in sections 101 to 117 are open to students. Sections 111 to 113 are available in their entirety.

The UM Athletic Department sent a release on Wednesday announcing its decision to implement a new policy for all bags brought into the stadium, which mirrors the new rules used for NFL games.

The policy, which will be in effect for all seven home games at Sun Life stadium, has restricted the type and size of bag that can be taken into the stadium. It was recommended by the NFL’s Stadium Security Committee in May. Because the Canes play in an NFL stadium, the policy will also apply to Hurricane games.

The University of South Florida and the University of Pittsburgh also play in NFL stadiums, and have changed their policies as well.

Fans are allowed to bring a clear plastic, vinyl or PVC  bag into the stadium that does not exceed 12-by-6-by-12 inches. Or, they may bring a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag.

Small clutch bags or purses approximately the size of a hand – with or without a handle or strap – are also acceptable.

Fans will be allowed to bring in medically necessary items once they have been inspected at Gate E.

Visit to confirm ticketed access to football games. For additional information, visit