Dear V: My ex-classmate is trying to Snapchat his way into my heart…

Dear V,

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally Snapchatted a classmate from last semester — who I didn’t even have as a friend on Snapchat! I was super embarrassed. Then he actually responded and we’ve since started Snapchatting regularly, to my surprise, because we rarely talked during the semester. It’s gotten slightly flirty, but he just graduated, so it’s not like he’ll be back in Miami anytime soon. I don’t see this going anywhere. I’ve been in a similar situation before, and I only ended up hurting the guy. What am I supposed to do?

Snapchats Getting Serious


Dear Vanessa Hudgens,

First of all, these things are rarely ever accidental so stop kidding yourself. Also, I don’t think there’s an option to send Snapchats to people who aren’t your friends unless you try really hard to type in their names. You probably had some secret, latent, burning desire to see this kid’s face again that manifested itself through a drunken, duck faced Snapchat.

I also dearly hope that most, if not all, of these pictures are G-rated. As in strictly from the neck up, without any sort of funny innuendo to be derived from the stupid paintbrush option that the creators of this wonderful app decided to bestow upon us.

That being said, flirting is always fun. And if you’re not sending anything incriminating that could end up haunting you for the rest of your life, I say enjoy it. Depending on your what your definition of “slightly flirty” is, I don’t think this could end up hurting him. To be brutally honest, he’s probably not thinking too much into this. No serious thing could sprout from back and forth face pics. The fact that he responded is always a good sign but if he knows, and you know, that he’s not coming back any time soon, then you are definitely not heading down the yellow brick road of relationships.

If I were you I would enjoy my youth, flirt with this guy, and go out and kiss some strangers in Miami Beach. It’s time for summer lovin’, baby and nobody’s looking to get serious.

Have your friends hold your phone next time you’re drunk.