Singer-songwriter Lenka pleases fans with touching lyrics on new album

Aussie singer-songwriter and new mom, Lenka, releases her third album “Shadows” on Tuesday and will be promoting her new work with a tour of the U.S., Canada and Europe. Her faithful Sugarbombs can expect to hear more of what they enjoyed in the artist’s first self-titled indie-pop album.

Whimsical and poetic, the Aussie favorite pleases fans with her unmistakable vocals and touching lyrics. A nice break from DJs and house music, Lenka offers a mellow and mostly upbeat tone with her album which she describes as “lullabies for adults,” inspired by her new son.

Cohesive as a whole, the collection covers a full range of topics, with a focus on the singer’s sugary-sweet vocals and light hearted instrumentals.

The opening track “Nothing Here But Love” lures listeners in and sets the tone with romantic lyrics such as “we’re born together, die together, live forever, there’s nothing here but love sweet love.” This catchy love song is bound to be in your head for the rest of the summer and sure to make the cut in your next romantic mixed-cd.

While the album has an overall soul soothing and feel -good mood to it, with tracks like “Nothing Here But Love” and “Find a Way to You” later tracks like “Monsters” which features lyrics like “Don’t be afraid of what’s under the bed, it’s just all those memories you’ve tried to forget,” and “Nothing” tackle darker topics including the loss of a loved one, and the fear of regrets and secret shame and feature vocals with a more raw emotional quality.

Standout tracks “Faster With You” and “No Harm Tonight” strike a touching chord, the first being a song about being apart from a loved one, inspired by the long distance relationship the artist had with her husband, before they were married. The latter is a lullaby written for the new mom’s son, which speaks of being safe and protected.

The album ends on a thoughtful note with “The Top Of Memory Lane” a self explanatory track which stirs feelings of sentiment and nostalgia, a catchier and lighter track which is reminiscent of a certain Sarah McLaughlin song. It just may become the next anthem of graduations and proms.

“Shadows” may appear to be simply a catchy upbeat carefree album on first listen, but a harder look at the thoughtful lyrics, reveals it to be more profound and symbolic. A cathartic variety of emotions explored, allows careful listeners, a deeper connection to the music. “Shadows” is the antidote to a stressful day, a soothing collection of lullabies and sure summer hit.