Rapper Juicy J leaves his mark on Miami

Nearly a thousand “trippy” and “turnt” rap lovers of Miami gathered at LMNT on Saturday to rage with one of hip-hop’s most brutally crunk triple-threats. A girl on our left wobbled her legs to the post-opener intermission music. A guy on my right chugged Hennessy straight out of his own personal bottle. A$AP Ferg prepped and fired up a vigorous crowd, leaving hundreds of fans still bouncing with fervor long after his exit. They were ready and waiting for Juicy J.

And Juicy J was ready for them. When it came time, he charged on stage, fully equipped with pulverizing beats and erupting vocals. He started his show with the delectably suggestive “Aint No Comin’ Down,” instructing the crowd to “roll up” and “turn up.” Believe us, they were turned up. Even more so when the former Triple 6 Mafia co-spitter shouted into the mic, “This is the most turn’t up city I’ve seen the whole damn tour!”

Although it was no secret that Juicy J has a fondness for the city of Miami (he tributes to the infamous King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club in his accoladed track, “Bands A Make Her Dance”), the audience was reassured Saturday night.

The energy amplified during J’s performances of hits such as “We Still in This,” “Zip & A Double Cup” and “Oh Well,” hands and heads bouncing uniformly in the crowd. He never allowed the hype to rest by stimulating crowd interactions, asking his fans “Where the trippy chicks at?” and “How many people here drink Ciroc?”

He proceeded to slam down Triple 6 Mafia classics like “Fly Till I Die” and “Poppin My Collar,” and the pack jammed breathlessly. J reminded them that he’s “movin into the present” with “Taylor Gang 2013” and questions the mob about what they “put in their trippy kit?” He then whipped out tantalizing verses from “Trippy Kit” and “Bands A Make Her Dance,” and crowd members flicked numerous dollar bills in the air while the ladies got down.

After bringing a couple of fans on stage to freestyle on his mic, waving his sparkling gold chains in the air, and closing with some pumped up verses from “Deez B*****s Rollin,” Juicy J proved to Miami that he throws the most wild and “turn’t up” party we could ask for. He even specifically told the crowd of his admiration for the “good kush” and strippers from Miami. If you missed this one-of-a-kind rap rage fest, trust us, we know he’ll be back.