The Postelles’ new album proves to be summer staple

The Postelles are a New York-raised band going back to simpler sounds. Their sophomore album “… And It Shook Me” hit stores Tuesday with songs that range from indie and folksy to old-style pop rock. Their tracks have a pure quality that makes them reminiscent of a range of bands and styles, particularly The Strokes, whose guitarist helped produce their first album back in 2011.

The group captures listeners with their upbeat, optimistic sound, playful instrumentals and meaningful lyrics. Though some of the songs sound similar, the band keeps fans interested with fun tracks perfect for summer.

The opening and title track “And It Shook Me” stands out with its folksy, catchy guitar and provocative lyrics, such as the line “So just open the door, ‘cause I won’t bang it down no more.” The song also establishes the classic rock vibe that is favored by the band, especially later in the album.

The next track “Pretend It’s Love” introduces a bluesy sound as the leader singer goes back and forth with artist Alex Winston in the typical love ballad battle, in which they ruefully sing “Run, run, run away from it all because we lost it all.”

The fourth track on the album “You Got Me Beat” introduces the ’50s cruising style present in the second half of the album, moving away from the lighter, folksier quality of the early tracks. The next song “Heavy Eyes” displays an emotional quality that highlights lead singer Daniel Balk’s keening vocals.

Though some of the later songs in the album grow slightly repetitive, the band continues to produce high quality sound, with standout tracks such as “Caught By Surprise” which is fast-paced with the rhythmic quality of old school, jukebox pop. “Running Red Lights” also stands out with lyrics that lend to an image of recklessness.

The album ends on a high note with “You Know I Won’t” which preserves the juxtaposition present in the rest of the album with an enthusiastic, upbeat sound and lyrics that tackle the problems of a rocky relationship and the possibility of losing a partner.

“… And It Shook Me” is an album that resonates on several levels. At first, listeners may simply revel in the retro, beachy tracks, but another listen will reveal the deeper quality behind the lyrics. Though sometimes cliché, the lyrics tackle deep hurts and are delivered in a way that makes them poignant and touching. Whether you’re blasting it by the pool or while driving around with your top down, “… And It Shook Me” is sure to be a summer staple.