So Cal rock quintet impresses with new album

If there’s a favorite rock quintet from Southern Cal that we’ve been missing dearly, it’s undoubtedly The Material.

The band managed to carve a permanent mark of its name with its previous studio album release a couple years back by delivering fiery sound on stages like Warped Tour and being featured on MTV’s Buzzworthy last month.

And now they’ve done it again: The Material’s new album, “Everything I Want To Say,” is potent, moving and empathetically memorable.

The band’s new single, “Life Vest,” is the first track on the album, which flaunts deep, hypnotic chords and sweetly tantalizing vocals, immediately sucking you into the compilation. Lead singer Colleen D’Agostino told The Miami Hurricane the track is an overall band favorite.

“It’s ultimately a hopeful love song,” D’Agostino said. “I think that resonates with each member and makes it more meaningful.”

Filled with soul and impact, the track is addicting; the chorus being brilliantly relatable as she pleads to her lover, “Let us drift out to sea, and forget what used to be/My home is wherever you are, lying next to me.”

The album continues with a string of powerful tracks with a dark confessional feel. Between the upbeat radical tone of “Born to Make a Sound” and fervent forceful cries in “Tonight I’m Letting Go,” the band’s personal internal struggles are blatantly apparent and listeners are left feeling empathetic and mournful.

In “Running Away,” D’Agostino assumes a staunch disposition as she belts, “The heartbreak, the broken dreams, there’s no use repeating/I’m running away, you won’t catch up to me.”

The Material says the album title, “Everything I Want To Say,” does just that – admit what they’ve been yearning to let out.

“We use music to express how we feel,” D’Agostino said. “It’s really great to be able to relate to each other through music. I went through a lot this year in my own journey, and when it was tough to talk about, I put it into my lyrics.”

The two-year writing process allowed the band to release the purest, tastefully aggressive tracks the group has ever released. In the track “The Great Unknown,” the band pauses their vigorous chords and cries, and demonstrates a sweetly vulnerable side in a 45-second nocturne. The album ends with a hopeful and lifting aura, and the spirit left over is striking.

The album dropped last Tuesday, and it’s definitely worth a listen. The Material will soon hit the road to promote the new release.

“We definitely are firming up plans for a regional tour this summer, which will be announced soon,” D’Agostino said. “We would love to get out to Florida again. Hopefully that will happen soon!”