Eat your food, don’t shoot it

Yes, you just ate three McRibs with an extra large fry and a strawberry milkshake. You go to McDonalds and order this meal three times a week. This means that there is no need to expose it to everyone every time you eat it. Surprisingly, this is not the reason Instagram was invented.

Just because you are outside your house actually consuming a meal that doesn’t consist of microwavable macaroni and cheese, does not give you the right to harass social media about how cool you think it is that you got an extra piece of bacon on your Wendy’s burger. The time has come to stop photographing every calorie or noncalorie that goes into your digestive system.

Worse than posting food on the Internet is this weird thought that sharing the fact that you eat extremely fattening foods is a cool thing to show your friends. Clogging your arteries with a pound of bacon is not really something you want to post for the world to see. Leave the Friday night chicken wing contests between you and your other friends off the social networking radar.

Oh, so you also despise calorie-eating contests? Don’t think that your newfound diet of tofu burgers and soy cookies isn’t any less obnoxious. No one wants to see that all you had to eat the entire day was a smoothie made of grains and wheat. As fun as calorie counting is, keep your Weight Watchers statistics to yourself. If you really feel the need to brag, go to the Oprah website’s dieting section and comment away. There you’ll find just as many failed dieting stories as yours.

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to eat at restaurants as opposed to turning them into a place to do a photo shoot. If I have to see one more Starbucks coffee cup with a misspelled name on  the side, I will never order an iced, caramel, double-shot Frappuccino again.

Everybody eats. If you can take a picture of what’s going into your digestive system, then I don’t understand why you can’t take a picture of what’s coming out. It can’t be as disturbing as half of the food pictures that are posted.

I am giving the social networking humankind one more chance. If one more person checks into Burger King on their phone or shares a picture of a Subway sandwich that was four feet long, I’m deleting all my social networking profiles and going back to Myspace.


Kyle Rambo is a junior majoring in education.