Staff Editorial 4/: Tool useless without training

Last month, the University of Miami changed its myUM software system to CaneLink.

The look of our own personal portal where we are able to access our financial aid information, exam grades, student employment and degree audit has been completely revamped.

The interface is different, the navigation is different, and the simplicity is different.

The CaneLink system was previously implemented at Florida International University and Miami-Dade College.

Now, we have gotten with the times.

Though it is said to be equipped with useful features, such as the ability to save your schedule and set up alerts, the student body has no idea how to use it. Therefore, the benefits aren’t being put to use.

UM is constantly trying to improve our campus, and that is definitely something we are grateful for.

We understand that new systems always make people uneasy and adapting to change is never a comforting feeling. However, it is even more frustrating when our university changes our system without teaching us how to use it.

It isn’t easy to teach yourself either because it is not even remotely close to the system we had before.

Registration begins in a week, and the majority of students don’t know how to maneuver CaneLink.

The IT department should host an info session on how to go about using CaneLink or create online tutorials that teach us where everything can be found.

With a new academic year quickly approaching, we need to learn how to use CaneLink before negative results arise such as registering late for required classes and not knowing if our financial aid is complete.

When UM teaches us how to use CaneLink, we will learn how to embrace it.


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