Inebriation and Gluttony: Get to know your beer

In light of our recent booze-filled spring breaks, I thought it would be cool to talk a little bit about beer, for all you beer n00bs out there.

For those who think beers on tap or in a bottle all taste the same, think again! Although they are all related, the addition or subtraction of certain crucial ingredients can do a number to the overall flavor. Here is a handy little chart showing the beer family, the third most popular drink worldwide other than water and tea.


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Crazy, right?! So I guess to talk about beer basics, the best way is to do it visually, via a handy infographic I found on Pinterest.



Now that you are a beer pro, here’s your chance to brew some of your own.

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Remember to always drink responsibly and keep it classy. As always, happy eating!

Catherine Wong is a senior studying microbiology and immunology, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. After growing up in the restaurant business as well as being an avid watcher of the travel channel and food network, she would like to share her love of gastronomy to the average broke college student. Her hobbies/interests include books, music and, of course, food.

Inebriation and Gluttony is about making smart food choices within the boundaries of a college student, like transforming that sad microwave ramen or taking advantage of cheap local fare, all while not breaking the bank and not busting your gut. Join the foodie movement and get cultured, learn some cool things about food, and most importantly practice gluttony at its full potential.