An Eye on the Hurricane: March into spring break, the Best of Miami revealed

While the staff is hard at work preparing for our biggest issue, our Best of Miami special edition- you’d think they would be most excited for that- but they are rather more excited for the humongous 100 Montaditos order we’re getting today for dinner – all sandwiches are $1 on Wednesdays if you didn’t know.

As for Best of Miami, the results are now available on our site, but we’ll give you details like prices, addresses and photos in Thursday’s issue. Some staff favorites are Ra Sushi for “Best place to use chopsticks,” Lincoln Road for “Best place to take your friends from out of town,” and EVOS for “Best restaurant that’s healthy for you and the environment too.” We hope that by publishing our special issue earlier than previous years, you’ll have more time to head to the sweatiest dance floor, satisfy your sweet tooth or try Miami’s newest trendy spots.

Look out for our upcoming editorial on the new College Scorecard as a higher education initiative by the federal government. The Scorecard breaks down colleges not only by programs, majors and size, but also by affordability and takes into account future debt. Read our opinion on it in Thursday’s paper. Monday we plan to discuss video games and how a recent study claimed that violence in society and violent video games have no correlation.

If you can make it to today’s men’s basketball game against Georgia Tech or the women’s game Thursday against Duke, Sebastian will be giving out free sunglasses, and who doesn’t love free stuff? And if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the 2013 football schedule, check it out and start planning those tailgates.

We’ll be having two more issues before we go on break. Look out for our spring break special edition on March 7 which will include some stuff to do if you’re stuck in Miami as well as new apps that are perfect for campus-bound students. If you’re travelling out of town, be safe – especially at Ultra – and enjoy it