Inebriation and Gluttony: Working out and getting chocolate wasted

If you have been following my posts, my first official entry mentioned me starting the Insanity Challenge!   So I’m going to update you on that and since Valentine’s Day just passed and Easter Sunday is approaching, I want to talk a little bit about CHOCOLATE.


Yes, I had to caps lock it, because for someone not very physically fit to begin with, this thoroughly kicked my ass every day and I feel perpetually sore. So this is a program where six out of seven days a week you do interval training, which focuses on a lot of cardio and muscle growth. On top of that, there is a diet plan (which I didn’t follow because let’s face it … with a Chartie’s diet and being a foodie, I could never keep up with the recipes in that booklet).

So here are my results after the second fitness test! I realize that many different variables could have been going on here, but I basically blew my scores through the roof on the second fitness test compared to the first fitness test when I began this crazy challenge, so I am almost 100 percent sure I have become way more physically fit than a few weeks ago. Sadly, I wasn’t able to follow this challenge as religiously as I would have liked to, but as I’ve mentioned before I do the UM boxing club twice a week which includes a similar workout (and I don’t want to double up … I’m not that ridiculous) and I’m a foodie (although I will post something later on about the importance of what you eat, so stay tuned!). On top of my level of overall physical fitness improving dramatically, here are some other cool changes that have happened to me within the month:

1) My metabolism noticeably increased, so I’m getting hungry every few hours but not gaining fat weight (every fatty’s dream come true!)

2) I get full easier (again attributing to a higher metabolism)

3) Although I actually gained a few pounds, my waist line has been shrinking and I am definitely seeing a lot more muscle tone in my arms and legs (I was on Skype the other day and I looked pretty scary to my friend, and that’s how I realized the changes) so the scale is the devil when it comes to building muscle and losing fat! (muscle weighs more than fat!)

4) I have much more energy and generally feel really good about my body image, more so than I have had in a long time.

So although it took almost a month for me to entirely complete the initial two weeks, I have been doing alternative exercises for the noninsanity days so at least I can feel like I’m keeping up with the program. So far, although there haven’t been too many noticeable changes, there have been changes noticeable enough for me to feel all good inside about.

Bottom line: Strong is the new skinny. Get on my level. 


Many of you have probably skipped the insanity/working out part of this entry, which is totally okay! (You’re missing out though…) Now I get to talk about … CHOCOLATE!

First of all, there are many kinds of chocolates available out there and I have a whole bunch of chocolates stored up from Valentine’s Day (now don’t get the wrong idea, they were on sale post V-Day so although I had a Valentine I am also a foodie who loves me a good deal). With the imminent arrival of Easter, which includes sugar-induced highs from peeps, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolates, etc., you should know some cool things about chocolate before you stock up on the postEaster sales like I do, and I’ve also included a sweet chocolate drink recipe (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic).

I am a BIG fan of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually has larger quantities of cocoa solids, which are straight from the cocoa bean and have a large amount of antioxidants. Although it’s not quite as much as red wine, 70 percent dark chocolate (the norm) has only about 25 percent less antioxidants than red wine … so get chocolate wasted for longevity, my friends. For the less dark cousins, there are less cocoa solids but you still get the nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium and a B-vitamin riboflavin. So if you want to go even higher in nutrition, get chocolate dipped nuts for added protein and you will get a sweet snack. (dark chocolate-dipped nuts will give you extra points)

COOL CHOCOLATE FACT: a lot of chocolate syrup was used instead of blood for the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho.”

Bottom line: The darker, the better for you and get it with nuts.

Drink Recipes

(Alcoholic) Dirty Bedtime Story – mix this bad boy up and have childhood nostalgia while still feeling like an adult.

Calories: 280 (better than the 500+ white Russian and really delicious)

Serves one

1 oz. amaretto liqueur

1 oz. irish cream liqueur (aka Baileys)

1/2 cup milk

2 tsps. chocolate syrup (best part!)


(Non-Alcoholic) Frosty Hot Chocolate – so … cold chocolate.

Serves four

2 cups chocolate ice cream

1 cup milk

1/4 cup instant chocolate drink mix (like Nesquik or something)

1 cup mini marshmallows

Blend all ingredients (except for the marshmallows) until smooth. Top with marshmallows.

Have fun getting that sugar high and as always, happy eating!

Catherine Wong is a senior studying microbiology and immunology, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. After growing up in the restaurant business as well as being an avid watcher of the travel channel and food network, she would like to share her love of gastronomy to the average broke college student. Her hobbies/interests include books, music and, of course, food.

Inebriation and Gluttony is about making smart food choices within the boundaries of a college student, like transforming that sad microwave ramen or taking advantage of cheap local fare, all while not breaking the bank and not busting your gut. Join the foodie movement and get cultured, learn some cool things about food, and most importantly practice gluttony at its full potential.