Pad Thai offers savory alternative

University of Miami residents will do anything to avoid the monotonous dining hall food, typically turning to Miami’s Best or Power Pizza.
Why limit yourself to cheese, bread and sauce when you could experience the taste of Thailand with one of the country’s coveted traditions – pad Thai.

Check out the top three locations to satisfy your need for something other than Chartwells.

Sushi Siam
Sushi Siam’s giant dish of pad Thai is like heaven on a plate. Covered in chopped peanuts, the noodles are bursting with flavor and never too oily. You can order it with chicken, pork or seafood. But for the slightly more adventurous, the fried tofu absorbs some of the delicious sauce and adds a fun texture to your dish.
And with six locations around Miami, you can grab an order to go wherever you are.

Sushi Siam is located at 931 Brickell Ave., Miami.

For more information, call 786-220-7677.

Tani Thai
Walking in to the restaurant decked out in Oriental-inspired wall designs and tableware, you are fully immersed in Asian culture and cuisine. The decadently crafted appetizers are just as beautiful as they are savory.
The pad Thai, abundant and steaming, looks like enough to serve two people, but is so mouthwatering it only serves one.
Although the $14 entree may not seem feasible for the average college student’s budget, the delectable experience is worth every cent.

Tani Thai is located at 12269 S. Dixie Highway, Miami.

For more information, call 305-253-3583.

Stir Moon
Conveniently located across campus, Stir Moon offers a variety of Chinese-, Japanese- and Thai-based dishes. Moon’s menu is based on wok fusion and is known for its signature pad Thai. The pad Thai appetizer portion is enough for one person, while two can share the entree.
Moon’s entrees are slightly more expensive with most dishes above $12, but two or three people can split the cost and enjoy a large helping of noodles.
Besides the pad Thai, Moon is unique for its “Create a Stir” option. “Create a Stir” allows guests to customize their stir fry depending on the rice, sauces and vegetables.

Stir Moon is located at 1100 S. Dixie Highway, Coral Gables.

For more information, call 305-663-5881.