Dear V: My girlfriend’s Bieber fever is making me sick…


My girlfriend is obsessed with Justin Bieber so I bought her tickets for his concert and will surprise her on Valentine’s Day. But I don’t know if I want to go with her because I really hate the Biebz. I imagine that she fantasizes about him while having sex with me. I love her, but Bieber can really come between us with her obsession over his music, concerts and even mom. What should I do?

Suffering from this Bieber fever


Blocked by a Pop Star,

If I had a nickel for every relationship that faced troubling waters at the hands of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, I would be monetarily secure. I wouldn’t be rich because of tax increases and an investment on a book deal.

These so-called idols are not the pinnacle of any healthy romantic engagement. Harry Styles failed to woo the sociopath Taylor Swift. Yeah, they are never ever ever getting back together.

And all of Bieber’s charm couldn’t attract Selena Gomez. She’s moving on to bigger and better things … and I’m not just talking about her boobs. Search “Spring Breakers” on Google and you’ll see what I mean.

Bieber is no reason to worry about your relationship or about your girlfriend. Everyone is and will be a fan of past and current trends. It is healthy to aspire to meet famous celebrities or bands because we somehow relate or see ourselves in them.

Some of my obsessions include Animal Planet documentaries, the self-improvement section at Barnes & Noble, and contacting C-list Lifetime original movie celebrities.

I also wouldn’t put all the blame on your girlfriend. Let’s talk about your possible attraction to Bieber. If you’re imagining your girlfriend fantasizing, then you might be the one with Bieber fever. Do you want to be the beauty to his beat? Can you be his boyfriend? Well, as long as you love him, then what’s the problem?

I don’t blame you if a bromance happens to blossom. He has the hair, the connections and a gifted voice. Remember that he’s a heartbreaker, though. He’s taking lessons from the T-Swift playbook. She has coined maneuvers like “Get Rich from John Mayer’s Misery” and “Kennedy Takedown.”

Moral of the story: Don’t turn your Valentine’s Day into Single Awareness Day. Make your girlfriend happy and support her interests. They are apparently yours too. See you at the Believe Tour.



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