Staff editorial 2/11: Power of U founded on experience

On Sunday, The Miami Hurricane editorial board met with the members of the two Student Government (SG) tickets, One of U and the Power of U, who are running to be the next faces of our student body.

Both One of U and the Power of U exemplified the want to leave a legacy on campus and the skill set needed to do so. However, Power of U has a stronger foundation to instill change.

No one is a fan of unfulfilled promises. Power of U understands that as three individuals they cannot achieve their ideas alone. But as leaders they have the power to instill passion, drive and motivation in the student body.

Though Power of U has a variety of initiatives, three of them embody what is essential to a successful college experience: spirit, future and purpose.

The ticket wants to host All Canes Radio at the Rat – the “go-to” spot on campus. All Canes Radio is hosted once a week off campus, but hosting the show on campus will allow students to further support school athletics.

Internships are necessary for students’ future careers. This is why Power of U wants to strive for Internships Abroad, where students can study in another country while gaining real-world experience.

Coming to a new university, we may feel as if we may not fit in. But, the ticket’s Freshman Leadership Council will assist new students in finding their calling.

With this ticket, students will be able to witness change. These initiatives are feasible and help all students, not just one specific group.

Power of U’s relationship with the current administration and faculty is strong and dynamic. They have all been involved in SG and other organizations that empower them to work well together and with others.

The power is within you, the student body, to vote for the ticket that will endorse campus unity, tradition, innovation and positive change.


Editorials represent the majority view of The Miami Hurricane editorial board. Various members of the editorial board recused themselves from the editorial board’s decision because of their affiliations to either campaign.