Metrorail needs to improve signage

The Disney World Resort monorail has 12 different train lines. The Miami Metrorail has two.

The Miami Metrorail might be your most affordable option in traveling to Miami International Airport, but only if you’re on the right train. Prior to the inauguration of the Orange Line, the singular Green Line spanned 24.4 miles and provided quick and affordable travel throughout Miami-Dade County.

While the Orange Line added access to the airport, it also added confusion and potential detours for all northbound riders. In my case, it made my trip an hour and a half longer because I got on the wrong train.

Yes, partly my fault, but how was I to know which train I was entering when the trains are marked by a letter-sized piece of paper on one train window?

The reality of the situation is that Miami-Dade should have made it painfully obvious to me that I was on the wrong train so I could have switched at any of my first 11 stops and not delayed my trip, long enough for me to have flown home or driven to Disney World to ride their efficient and clearly labeled monorail trains. Actually, they should have made it obvious to me before I even got on.

If they went to the lengths to put these minimal signs up, they should have finished the task and marked the entire train somehow. If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.

At Disney, I knew I was on the Avengers train. There was Thor right there. The red, green, orange and solid colored trains are marked by a line on the exterior train. So you know which train you’re boarding before the doors even open. Imagine that.

Miami-Dade should be posting the signs on each door or painting lines along the exterior or interior floor of the train. That way, I’ll see and know I’m about to go to the airport, and not the tri-rail transfer station.


Jordan Schuman is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism.

February 6, 2013


Jordan Schuman

2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Metrorail needs to improve signage”

  1. RK says:

    This is hilariously stupid. The conductor announces which line (orange or green) the train you’re on is at LITERALLY EVERY STOP. Nobody with even the most basic grasp of how public transportation works should have any kind of trouble with this.

  2. Josh D. says:

    Among the most asinine pieces I’ve read in some time.

    It takes three minutes to get from Earlington Heights to Brownsville – the next stop on the Green Line. It takes four minutes to get from Earlington Heights to MIA – where the Orange Line splits.

    Unless you are mentally handicapped (unlikely), or have NEVER ridden public transportation before (more likely), there is NO chance it should take anyone an hour and a half to realize you were on a Green and not an Orange train.

    The trains have doubled in service now that there are two lines, and there is a southbound train that runs between 7-15 minutes at every station north of Brownsville until past midnight. If it took you three full stops after Earlington Heights to realize you were on the wrong line, you should never be on the Metrorail to begin with.

    All this ridiculous write-up does is deter students from trying to take the Metro, which anyone resembling a streetsmart 18 year old should be able to do without a glitch.

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