Inebriation and Gluttony: Insanity and P90X…Worth It?

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from these crazy workouts and decided that the best way to understand them is to do them. I ordered Insanity over the winter break and starting this past Monday, I’ve been tearing all of the muscles in my body repeatedly so that I can’t even discern hunger from soreness. Throughout the semester I’ll update my progress and my thoughts, but for this post I wanted to talk about the science behind the two crazy workouts.

Let’s first break down the two workouts into what they essentially are. Insanity focuses on reverse interval training, so instead of intense cardiovascular activity (things that make your heart rate skyrocket) for 30 seconds and resting activities for 3 minutes, you get 3 minutes of intense cardio and 30 seconds of rest…for about 30-40 minutes. This is so that you can achieve ridiculous results in the 60 days the program promises. There is also a diet plan attached which you are expected to follow to achieve the full results. P90X, otherwise known as Power 90 Extreme (lame name, I know) combines cross training with periodization (to never hit a plateau) on top of a diet plan, and this program lasts for 90 days.

So which one is the better choice? They are both roughly the same price and according to some friends of mine, they do the job whether or not you adhere to their regimen strictly. All in all, if you want a better fat burning experience, go with Insanity. If you want a better overall experience, such as muscle building, suggested diets on top of fat burning, P90X seems to be the better option. I personally went for insanity because my boss did it, had amazing results and it’s roughly 2 months, and I’m not the most patient when it comes to destroying my body.

Now let’s move on to a little background info about me, the guinea pig. I was an athlete in high school (varsity tennis and swimming) but once I hit college, being on the pre-med track and already being used to eating too many calories a day from sports made me a lot softer than what I used to be at my prime. Now, I don’t expect to lose 30-40 pounds because that is dangerous for someone of my stature but I will be measuring my waist and weight as the program proceeds. Normally, I would eat about 1500-2000 calories a day if I am mindful and I do moderate exercise, which includes going to class, walking up the stairs, a few intramurals here and there, and the boxing club twice a week (which will totally kick your ass by the way while making you feel tough, I definitely recommend). All in all, I am not super fit but I am not a couch potato.

Wish me luck as I undergo the next few months with this program to truly test out its potential. I will post before and after pictures once this is all over.

Catherine Wong is a senior studying Microbiology and Immunology born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. After growing up in the restaurant business as well as being an avid watcher of the travel channel and food network, she would like to share her love of gastronomy to the average broke college student. Her hobbies/interests include books, music, and of course, food.

Inebriation and Gluttony is about making smart food choices within the boundaries of a college student, like transforming that sad microwave ramen or taking advantage of cheap local fare, all while not breaking the bank and not busting your gut. Join the foodie movement and get cultured, learn some cool things about food, and most importantly practice gluttony at its full potential.