Martinez Brothers talk mixed genres, Ibiza

The Martinez Brothers, a popular duo that combines sounds from several genres of music, will perform at Club Space in Downtown Miami on Saturday. Photo courtesy Chris Davidson 

The Martinez Brothers have managed to pull from the best of many music genres to create their sound, including techno, house, hip-hop and even disco. And something about their music caught on with listeners. While they were still teenagers, they headlined parties in Ibiza, Berlin and London.

After spending this past summer in Ibiza, The Martinez Brothers have been touring the U.S. this fall, making Club Space their final stop on Saturday.

The Miami Hurricane got the chance to talk to the duo about playing in Ibiza, touring and their musical influences.

The Miami Hurricane: What’s the best part about touring?
The Martinez Brothers: There’s not many things we don’t like about touring, minus the actual process – airports, security, etc. – we love it. Seeing different countries, different cultures, tasting different foods, having friends in different cities around the world, it’s great. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
TMH: What are shows in Ibiza like?
TMB: Shows in ibiza are unlike anywhere else in the world. A lot of that has to do with just the energy and vibe of the island itself, which is something that’s hard to describe, but you have to experience. But the people are so carefree and so ready to have a great time, that it makes for an amazing party.
TMH: What has been your favorite gig to play so far in your career?

TMB: To name one gig that is our favorite would be impossible, but we definitely have a couple of favorites. DC10 ibiza has a special place in our heart, Panorama Bar in Berlin, Sankeys in Manchester, obviously Space Miami which is like our home here, too many to name.

TMH: How would you describe your sound?
TMB: Our sound is kind of a culmination of a lot of different sounds; we don’t just play one style. If we had to say what our sound was, it would be music that just makes you dance, that’s the only rule we have.
TMH: Where do you pull inspiration from for your music?
TMB: Inspiration can come from so many different places. Sometimes we hear a certain song that really inspires us, or even just a certain sound and that would trigger inspiration. It can also come from events. For example, this summer in Ibiza really inspired us to get back home and make some music. So inspiration comes in all different forms.
TMH: Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

TMB: In the house world, the Apollonia crew are doing some dope stuff. More on the traditional house tip, Seth Troxler who can definitely pull out some dope tracks in his sets; Julian Perez has been heavy on our rotation this year as well. We listen to so many different types of music from different eras; some of our favorite artists at the moment, sometimes aren’t even of the moment.

TMH: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
TMB: Don’t be lazy, do your homework, what you put in is what you put out. And always try to be original, don’t copy other people. Be yourself!