US economy could thrive under Romney

As we begin the voting period in Florida, most students have made up their minds about who to support.

This year, we’ve seen an amazing presence of Romney support on campus, and it has been a blast to be a part of all the activities over the past couple months.

However, other races that do not receive the same coverage are just as important. In Florida, Connie Mack presents a great alternative to Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senate.  The Democratic Senate has not passed a budget in more than three years, putting us deeper in debt. The House has passed several job bills that the Senate has refused to even vote on.

Mack would help to shift the balance of power away from complacency. Most of the amendments proposed in Florida provide important reforms, including property tax cuts and benefits for veterans and their families. Additionally, a state opt-out of the expensive features of Obamacare is on the ballot. While Democrats will tell you to vote no on these, middle class families would receive much-needed relief.

These are not George W. Bush Republicans. Mitt Romney was elected and successful in one of the most Democratic states in the country. Bush, like President Barack Obama, increased the country’s debt.  Romney and Mack would work to remove our debt, as they have throughout their respective careers.  Together they will ensure that we graduate with less debt and better job opportunities.

Under Obama, nearly half of college graduates are unemployed or working at near-minimum wage levels a year later.  His spending has made it difficult for the programs that we pay into to still be in existence when it is our turn to benefit from them. If you do still plan to vote Obama, I urge you to take away his blank check by voting Republicans into Congress.

It will take a bipartisan effort to get the country back on the right track.


Alexander Alduncin is the president of UM College Republicans.

October 28, 2012


Alexander Alduncin

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  1. Four More Years says:

    Connie Mack is an ethics nightmare and a partisan hack. He’s been endorsed by 0!!! Florida newspapers. Nelson the right choice for 6 more years. Romney’s budget would add 7 trillion to the debt before even considering our current budget situation. The math simply doesn’t add up. It’s true that we need a bipartisan effort to solve our problems. That requires the GOP and the Tea Party to come to the table with Democrats on sensible solutions that protect the middle class and our dear safety net. Re-elect the President and give him a working legislature. Four More Years.

  2. whatever says:

    on the charge that Obama extended the bush tax cuts, for those who don’t remember, it was only because the republicans in congress weren’t going to let obama extend the payroll tax cut or unemployment benefits (things that actually benefit the less well off in a recession), unless the wealthy got to keep their low tax rates. obama has only governed as a centrist. most of his foreign policy has been realist, with a mix of hawkishness on the drone usage. the main plan of his domestic policy, Obamacare, was adapted from governor romney’s own market-based plan, itself the republican alternative to “hillarycare” in the 90s. Obama’s main proposals, like the american jobs act and modest tax increases on the wealthy to help reduce the deficit, have widespread popular support. it is republicans like connie mack who are ardent partisans and would follow senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who made the GOP main agenda in 2009 to make Barack Obama “a one-term president”. they put party orthodoxy above country and compromise and absolutely SHOULDN’T be elected

  3. Gosseyn says:

    Obama had two years with a super-majority of Democrats in Congress. In those two years, he could have passed anything he wanted. “We have the votes, so [blank] them],” said his chief adviser. But he was such a failure that his budget was rejected UNANIMOUSLY by both the Republicans and the DEMOCRATS in the Senate. He extended the Bush tax cuts, but rails against them as “tax cuts for the rich.” The guy is a walking, talking, contradiction. His administration had seven hours to send help to our brave Navy Seals fighting and dying at Benghazi, but help was refused. They didn’t even TRY to help them, being too busy trying to figure out the composition of the crowd attacking them. Earth to Obama: they were terrorists!

  4. chas holman says:

    The very second this President took office the country was bleeding 3/4 million jobs a MONTH.

    We were into 3 rounds of stimulus with George Bush and he had started the initial auto bailout by the time he was done.

    We gave a ‘temporary’ tax cut (that has thus far cost us 1.5 trillion to the top 5%) in another round of George Bush stimulus. By the time this President assumed office there was talk of the next ‘Great Depression’.

    In less than 4 years we are showing real recovery and still investing in the future.

    Like millions of Americans, I have already cast my ballot for the President, I implore the good people in this great nation to do the same.

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