Cinema department creates spooky scavenger hunt


Jessica Carriere ran a zombie themed race with her friend, Vanessa Maranchello. in Amelia Earhert park in Hieleah on Sunday morning. Danielle Ungerman // Contributing Photographer

This Halloween, the School of Communication’s cinema and interactive media department has decided to bring students something different: “Screamisodes,” an interactive treasure hunt.

The premise is simple. A UM student’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by a deranged killer. Using their smart phones, players have to track him down in a game of cat and mouse. After getting the initial clues online, each clue will lead you to a QR code, each of which will play a short video directing you to the next one. From what the website shows, the scares promise to be more than half-hearted.

On, visitors can now watch a promo video showing the victim’s kidnapping. Participants who successfully complete the scavenger hunt will be entered into a drawing for a new iPod Touch.

The scavenger hunt is also serving academic purposes. Students in the School of Communication have been able to test both their film and game-making abilities through the project. The technology has a number of future uses as well, according to Ed Talavera, head of the department of cinema.

“When we actually put the elements together and started testing it, it was really fun,” Talavera said. “We’ve got so many possible uses for it: students visiting the university, freshmen learning the campus.”

The Department of Cinema and Interactive Media is new to the university and hopes to play an active role in on-campus life.

“We want to see how to join cinema and technology, and also join some gaming to it,” Talavera said. “This is the perfect real-life example of this. The students are super excited.”

Freshman Matthew Clinkenbeard said he’s looking forward to participating in “Screamisodes.”

“It sounds like a lot of fun, and something different to do,” he said. “I’m ready to have the bejeezus scared out of me.”

If You Go
What: Screamisodes
Where: UM’s Coral Gables campus
When: Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m.
Cost: Free and open to UM students only
For More Info: