Congorock talks touring, collab with Sean Paul

Italian artist Congorock has had a crazy year to say the least. He recently released “Bless Di Nation,” a collaboration with Grammy-winning reggae star Sean Paul; he has played as the supporting act for Benny Benassi; and he’s been touring North America on a full tour. Congorock will bring his talents to South Beach on Friday when he plays at SET.

The Miami Hurricane got the chance to talk to Congorock about performing, working with Sean Paul, and his musical influences.

The Miami Hurricane: What makes you stand out among other popular DJs?

Congorock: I have my own style of house electro and underground, and I’m influenced by tribal music. I like to blend different styles and that’s something that very few DJs can do, to be comfortable in any situation.

TMH: What has been your most memorable performance?

CR: Last year I played a set in New York. I was excited to play because it was my first show in a big city like that and it was just an amazing crowd with a lot of energy. That was the most exciting.

TMH: What was it like collaborating with Sean Paul?

CR: Great! It was my first time, well second time, but first time collaborating with a big artist, such a well-known artist. It was very exciting for me to work with someone like that. It was a different style for me other than electro and house, which is what I normally do … Jamaican music is really popular right now in Italy so I love telling people that I worked with him. It’s been a great achievement in my career.

TMH: If you could work with anyone in the music industry who would it be?

CR: Robyn. She’s a Swedish singer with a great voice who has collaborated with other dance artists. I’d like to try something less aggressive, a more mellow track. I think it would be interesting to do something with more melody. Something different than the club music I usually do.”

TMH: What can people expect from one of your live shows?

CR: I read the crowd. It’s something I’m good at. I’m good at bringing my style and making it work in any crowd. I like going to cities like Miami where I can play different styles like electro and tribal underground.

TMH: How did you come up with Congorock?

CR: The name actually comes from a song called “Congo Rock.” At first, I was into the song and it gave me an idea for a name because it was a mix of aggressive dance music and tribal.