Actress Victoria Justice talks ‘Fun Size,’ working with Chelsea Handler

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice will celebrate Halloween early this year with the release of her new movie, “Fun Size,” on Oct. 26.

Justice, who is well-known for her role in the kid’s TV show “Victorious,” stepped away from the innocent Nickelodeon stereotype for this role. Although “Fun Size” isn’t rated R, Chelsea Handler and Johnny Knoxville’s appearances in the movie speak for themselves.

“Even though I started off on Nickelodeon, I think this movie is a perfect transition for me because it is slightly edgier and more mature,” she said during a college conference call promoting the movie.

In the comedy, Justice plays Wren, a high school teenager who is invited to a Halloween party by heartthrob Aaron Riley, played by Thomas McDonell. The only problem is that her mom, played by Chelsea Handler, expects her to take her little brother trick-or-treating. Wren has other plans, which of course go completely wrong.

Justice enjoyed having Handler play her mother in the film.

“I think people were expecting me to say like, ‘Oh, yeah, Chelsea’s crazy and it was like a party and there was lots of blah,’” she said. “But when we were working together, we were both like very focused and very professional … she’s definitely funny and cool and she would improv a few lines here and there that were totally just hilarious and out there.”

With “Victorious” coming to an end after four seasons, Justice will now have to find another project to consume her time.

“When you’re on a TV show, you’re definitely like locked into a schedule,” she said. “And it’s hard to really … have a lot of time to do other things because so much of my time was filming the show and there was also music on the show [that I was responsible for].”

But it seems the teen star might be taking a break from the small screen.

“I see myself doing both [movies and TV shows],” she said. “I don’t think I could choose one, but I mean, I think I want to take a little break from TV and pursue my film career more.”