Don’t make excuses, reach for the stars

Last week, a man jumped from a capsule in the stratosphere, landed on his feet and then knelt on the ground after taking the risk of a lifetime.

Even though the sky hasn’t been the limit since Yuri Gagarin was the first man to enter space in 1961, the vast amount of opportunities available for everyone seem to be shrouded by fear.

Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian who took the jump, can take the leap from the stratosphere and break the sound barrier without knowing what health risks he’d face, or if he’d even land on the planet with his brain intact. If he can do that, then you can get up and face the future, fully equipped with your dreams and a plan to reach them.

And, if a man jumping from the stratosphere doesn’t motivate you, then pinch yourself because you’re probably dead.

Baumgartner’s jump from space demonstrates the numerous abilities and opportunities humans have at their disposal, some of which they have yet to discover. Today, companies are sponsoring people to reach their dreams and unearth unknowns, in the same fashion countries sponsored explorers in the 15th century. So, if you’re lacking financial support for your dreams, make like Christopher Columbus and find yourself a king and queen of Spain ­– or, walk to Toppel Career Center. Apply for a prestigious scholarship. Don’t let anything stop you, make no excuses and keep working until you reach your goal.

Baumgartner reached for the stars. You should, too.


Stephanie Parra is a junior majoring in journalism and political science.