Tips to stay fashion forward this fall

As tempted as you may be to wear yoga pants, an oversized T-shirt and a ponytail to school every day – even though you know you can’t possibly squeeze a workout into your hectic schedule – try to resist the urge and channel your inner fashion goddess instead. With these top tips, save the sweats and the ponytails for Fridays –  a la “Mean Girls” – and finally take a step toward true fall fashion.

Colored denim

Remember how pastels were all the rage this summer? Even though trees in Florida don’t shed their leaves, make like the leaves and trade tones … trouser tones, that is. It’s time to swap swatches and pair jewel-toned jeans with neutral-colored tees. Don’t have the budget to splurge on new denim? Don’t worry. Pair your aqua or pink pastel bottoms with colors like blacks and camels for an update on this trend. Be weary of the tinted trousers you select though – remember not to wear bright reds if your hips don’t lie, and if you have to think twice about the color you choose, it’s best to just pick out another outfit. Jewel-toned jeans include sapphire, burgundy or emerald, and can be found in trendy spots like Zara, Nordstrom or Forever 21.

Bangles and chunky bracelets

In the wise words of the Man Repeller, the all-knowing fashion blogger of the decade, it’s always the right time to host an arm party. This season, it’s all about making sure your guests get along – that is, pairing the gold chunky bracelet with the thin gold bracelet. You can also mix and match, and feel free to be adventurous with your choices. Just be careful about wearing several friendship bracelets with, let’s say, a Michele watch. That just doesn’t look right.

Visit for more ideas on how to get your arm party started.

Headbands and bandanas

The headband, known as the tiara for the urban princess, is a classic go-to pick for a bad (or good) hair day. Have a case of irreparable bed head? Put your best headband on and tie your hair into a loose chignon. Didn’t have time to wash your hair because you were up studying for your test? Pair your tresses in distress with a playful bandana – you can be sure to ace your exam if you put your best head (or hairstyle) forward.


Not everyone is cut out to wear tiaras every day, so if headbands or bandanas aren’t your thing, because they give you headaches or don’t compliment your face or “look,” try braiding your hair. Try a classic braid, or, if you’re feeling trendy, try weaving a fish-tail braid. Rusty on your braiding skills? YouTube has several how-to tutorials that will sharpen your skills and help you brush up on your braiding technique.


Pay hommage to your days as a ballet dancer and sport your best high bun. The high bun can be worn loosely or tightly (think back to your days as a dancer), and can complement jewel-toned jeans and your neutral T-shirt. Be sure to wear the bun tightly if it’s been a while since your last shampoo, and wear it loosely if you have clean hair.