New semester, new trends, new blog

Hello my “Fashion Police” followers, aspiring independent freshmen or those reading a blog for the very first time,

I am honored to introduce this new fashion-based blog, focused on the current campus trends at the U. If you love fashion, want to learn more about it, or do not have a clue when mixing and matching your favorite patterns, then listen up! I understand your first year is about experimenting and finding your own signature style, but there have been way too many catastrophic moments this early in the semester. So ladies and gentlemen, here are some suggestions to get by your first semester in style.

Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Make-up is a great way to show your personality, but you have to draw the line when it’s smeared all over your face from the night before during your 8 a.m. class. So girls, stick to the natural look!
  2. Maybe it was acceptable in high school for boys to have their boxers hang out but it is definitely not the ideal look for college. There are several different ways to create your own look fellas, but let’s first start with pulling up your shorts to create a neater look.
  3. It is always appreciated when you look nice for class, but for those lazy students rolling out of bed try these tips to achieve a more polished look: Tuck in your shirt to highlight your natural waist or iron those wrinkly shorts to pull off your inner prep.

These tips will help kick off your fall semester, so you don’t repeat these typical fashion faux pas. Having a wardrobe malfunction, trying to impress those boys, or wanting to change up your look? Message me to spruce up your style!

From one fashion savvy student to another,