Jacob Jeffries Band comes home to rock Will Call

Jacob Jeffries Band took the stage Saturday night to promote its new album, “Tell Me Secrets,” with a late show that was worth the wait. The locally formed band is all about the music and it comes through in their performance.

The small setting at Will Call made for an intimate setting; the crowd was close enough to feel the amps pounding with every strum from Jimmy Powers’ guitar and every key of Jacob Jeffries’ piano. The guys rocked the house with their intense piano-rock sound, goose-bump worthy vocals, and energy, keeping the crowd going until after 1 a.m. when the set finished.

While the band sounds great in their music videos, it’s nothing compared to the way they sound live; no need for auto-tuning here. While watching Jacob Jeffries Band perform, you know you’re in the presence of true musicians.  It’s rare that you find a band where every single member could easily stand alone. But that’s exactly what you get with this act.

Each one of the guys is amazing at what they do. And when they gel together on stage, it’s not just a show, it’s an experience. They play their hearts out and you can tell they have a lot of fun doing it. In a perfect balance of high energy songs and one or two soft ballads, there was never a dull moment. In addition to their obvious talent, the band’s best quality is their heart and ease around the crowd.

There were no big egos on that stage as Jacob cracked jokes with the crowd, Eric was urged to drink more, and Jimmy dedicated a song to his parents who were in the audience, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Before and after the show, each of the guys took time to make the rounds and get to know the people who’d come out to see them play, happily posing for pictures and giving out hugs.